What Kids see during sleep?

What Kids see during sleep?
Horror is traditionally regarded as the genre of youth, so we can say that most horror films somehow affect the theme of childhood. From Shining, Cemetery Pets, Dawn to the Dead, and Bees to Imagine 2 and the series The Strange Things, kids (of various shapes and sizes) have fascinated us in the history of horror films. Sure, you can name a few dozen good horror movies in which kids are central, but we’ve decided to choose 13 of our favorite movies. Surely one of these you would like to see tonight when your very good children are asleep.

Spoiled Blood (1956 (IMDb 7.5))

The movie is six decades old, and it is still wow! A thrilling movie is far more than a scary movie, he immediately. Has picked up a whole layer of topics – from maternity to psychological analysis. Rhoda’s ideal girl in costume and high heels will show you what kind of devils are found in quiet ponds.

Rosemary’s Child (1968, IMDb 8.0)

Roman Polanski tells us the story of the terrifying pregnancy of the raspy voodoo, without any terrifying condition – the classic characteristic of demons, lunatics, vampires, and other evil spirits. All suspense is inside the everyday. And even when the baby is born, they won’t show it to us – but we can see his mother’s face, which will make everything clear.

Amman (1976, IMDb 7.6)

Devil toddler, how familiar! But the jokes aside, everything here is much worse than just plain irony, tampering and trying to go beyond the bounds of what is allowed. If there is a bad essence attached to the inside of a cute-faced bitch, Hippenrother’s books are not enough.

Halloween (1978, IMDb 7.9)

The most festive movie of our choice. Those who didn’t watch Halloween didn’t have a childhood. Well, seriously, how can you not know the little crazy Michael Myers who managed to become a sister killer as a preschooler? The seriousness of her surviving sister (though versions of their relationship are different), which will be fully embodied in “Halloween: 20 years later.” According to Michael Myers, the victims are harvesting the victims.

Friday 13 (1980, IMDb 6.5)

The first part of the franchise tells us the story of Jason Voorhees, a boy with developmental traits (and out-of-water talent) who is drowned out by the negligence of the advisers at Crystal Lake Camp. Most of the problems of motherhood are embodied in the steps of the series’ central villain, Pele Voorhees, who is preparing the way for the future crime of her beautiful son.

Corn Children (1984, IMDb 5.6)

Another movie about the crop (and even a little agriculture). Strange teen preacher Isaac will scare anyone – not just the impressionable kid, but the serious adult as well. Somehow I want to donate a bucket or two of blood immediately in favor of a corn crop if they stop looking like this.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Sleepless Child (1989, IMDb 5.1)

Stories about Freddy Krueger himself are structured around children and their unhealthy charm. But in the fifth episode, the ironic slogan is “You have a boy!” Everything looks pretty crazy but is perfectly dressed with mucus, in line with the current trends of weird kids and creatures.

Perky Village (1995, IMDb 5.6)

The classic horror by John Carpenter. In the film, the aliens, their pregnant women, strange yellow children, are not alike and unable to experience any emotions. Unfortunately, this does not make them easy to educate – on the contrary, their behavior only leaves their parents in shock and horror.

Mother (2003, IMDB 6.2)

One of the best horror movies of our time. In addition to the weird scenes (oh, the hair on the floor), the sounds of nightmarish and general stress, the movie contains interesting ideas about maternal, child-loving tendencies, the social role of parents. In short, it’s multi-layered, you can see it continuously many times – and each time it’s time to discover something new.

Grace (2009, IMDb 5.2)

Probably not the most successful representative of this genre, but still a very interesting example. The main character, Madeleine, gives birth to a dying baby. However, it turns out that the baby, though dead, is still alive a bit. Quite the opposite. And it is important not to eat milk, but with fresh blood. The real irony is that the film shows us how far the love of motherhood can go.

Sinful (2011, IMDb 6.8)

Throughout the film, one writer is going through a difficult creative period (like Ethan Hawke, who played her), trying to find out what happened in this house, as well as many other people’s horrific murders. Who has done In the process, it turns out that there is a terrifying creature called Bagel, and she loves children just as much as they do.

Babak (2014, IMDb 6.8)

An unexpected terror from Australia, where the world’s best (according to news) mothers live. The protagonist of the film, named Amelia, is trying to cope with the reality of the death of her husband and her strange son, Sam. Perhaps, the idea of ​​maternal love here goes beyond the norm and is shown to us from an unexpected angle. The end of the tape leaves room for interpretation.

This (2017, IMDb 8.0)

This collection has the most “children’s” films. After all, it was the kids – the so-called “loser clubs” – who became his main character. The plot re-telling is less and less of an aim, you may have read the book or seen an older movie version of Stephen King’s novel. Now that the movie is in separate theaters, check the timetable in your city, maybe you can watch it on the big screen in Halloween.


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