The rules of caring for a child

The rules of caring for a child

Modern parents are primarily a humanitarian approach to a young child. However, many people still prefer “timely advice” on humanity (such as turning a piece of bread on a badly cut forehead and “bristles”). We hope you are not a fan of such educational methods. But if you’re suddenly doing something from the list below, we recommend that you stop by as soon as possible.

Wash the breasts before feeding each

How many times have they told the world that they should not do this? First, in the middle of feeding, it is not covered by mold. Secondly, washing removes a protective layer on the delicate skin, which not only contributes to the appearance of unpleasant feelings when applied, but can also cause cracks and redness. Neither a nursing mother nor a baby who   needs to interact with different types of bacteria  to  pump immunity needs sterile clean breasts  .

Sit on the hens and sin

Perhaps in the maternity hospital you were given a meal list that reads “You cannot eat a nursing mother.” These probably include “red vegetables and fruits”, “sweet cottage cheese”, “pickles”, “smoked meat”. Even talking about the “allowed” list is regrettable – there are only green apples and grains on the water, right? In short,  do not pay attention to it  . This does not mean that you can eat tons of chocolate and sandwiches five times a day from Brunswick, but burgers and burritos have the right to be in their diet when they want it in particular. The inadequate reaction of different types of products not only reduces the risk of allergy to a baby, but is also one of the most important factors in its appearance.

Boil bath water

With many parents, bathing a child is a mixture of fear and awe. In fact, boiling water and bathing with potassium permanganate crystals do not require much complex manipulation. Neither herbs decay, nor diapers at the bottom of the bath, nor imagine! – A swimming circle – None of this is necessary. Bathing is not a game, it is not a test of your parenting skills, nor is it a way to prove to your family that you are confused so that trying to wash your baby can turn into stress for you. ۔ No, this is just a chance to spend time with the baby in different settings, introduce him to the water and water system, perform a ritual before going to bed.

Avoid drafts

Drafts are not a threat to a young child’s health, as they are just a stream of air. Drafts should appear occasionally in the child’s life so that he can move without fear of the wind and calmly respond to the opening of the window.

Put soap in the ass

Please never do this. First, newborn babies are thought to have a so-called “constipation” problem (   use the  “10” rule derived from the Italian babysitter , you’ll be happy), and second, if this is the case, as usual, children There are plenty of good ideas for modern ideas about care and health. Eliminate bowel obstruction. Those who recommend it, gladly use soap!

Don’t get used to it

It  is very important to be  in the hands of the parents of the  child  It not only strengthens the baby’s contact with his or her important adults, but it also improves the heat transfer system, helps to normalize breathing and heart rate. It helps to understand that it is felt and heard. It is impossible to strangle a child with a sore throat, because at such a young age, his needs are fully in line with his wishes. Everything is easy.


True, wool socks are high at +20. Yes, kids get to bed easily, but more easily and with more warmth. That’s why we recommend that you be more rational in choosing clothes for a child without examining comfort ideas for your child’s sake. Sorry, most of all, you are freezing in two down jackets in the winter as you walk in hot sweaters in the summer.


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