Support for children with autism and mental illness opens in Routine

Support for children with autism and mental illness opens in Routine
At Ronet, the Tutor Service Project will soon be launched to find experts who need the help of children with autism and mental illness. The creator of the service is a representative of the IM Special Charity Fund of Yekaterinburg.

On the “Tutor Service” platform, it will be possible to find a variety of specialists for special needs children: speech therapists, obstetricians, psychiatrists, epilepsy specialists, adaptive physical education teachers, neurologists, nutritionists. , Social educators, tutors, grandmothers, and others.

Parents from across the country will be able to communicate with the right experts, view reviews, arrange meetings and consultations.

This site will provide the child’s developmental abilities and support to assist him. The service will also provide information about organizations providing training services for parents and specialists upon request.

“We know that many parents face the problem of finding a specialist for their child. For many, this is a complete epic, says Alexandrina Hatawa, the service’s theoretical expert, president of the “I’m Special” Fund. – They speak with the mouth, which does not always work effectively: Often it is difficult to determine contacts, visit times, work locations, the needs of a particular specialist, and to ensure their competence. happens. Our service will help search experts more transparent and efficient.

Now testing the functionality of the service. But today you can fill out the questionnaire and leave a co-operation request.


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