Pregnancy Tips For Mothers

Pregnancy Tips For Mothers

Simple handy tips for expectant moms

Pregnancy is a time when a woman is looking for answers to thousands of questions, because you need to prepare properly to meet your baby! To help future parents, we would like to share information about Velda’s obstetrician, Christina Hunderlich. The obstetrician does not just give birth – he is with the woman in the prenatal and postpartum period, until the end of breastfeeding. 

“Important Tip: During pregnancy, take care of yourself. If you look good for the whole 9 months, it is good, but this is not always the case. That’s why self-care is common in this period. Comes. “

Tell me when …

All important moments in life should come at a fixed time. The question is when to take this or that step, will you meet with you more than once during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby. Insights and practical suggestions from your experienced expert will help answer this.

When is the right time?

It’s wonderful and exciting to tell wonderful news about your pregnancy to your loved ones! It’s possible that you won’t want to wait even a minute, trying to share their happiness with them. And, of course, you will be interested to see their reaction. Our advice: To prolong happiness, ask everyone you interact with to keep this news a secret. In this case, you can personally report an upcoming event to people you love. Anyway, it’s wonderful to have a wonderful opportunity to interact with siblings, grandparents and grandparents! It’s up to you when and where to tell this news.

Until the deadline, I always advise everyone, including the employer, that the birth of a baby is calculated two weeks after the date. Only four percent of babies are born prematurely, while the rest are born shortly. If precise history is called, as it is approaching, there will inevitably be tensions around you: not only you but your loved ones will be disturbed. And believe me! No, that’s not what your relatives expect!

Many future parents reveal their secrets to the acquaintances only after the twelfth week of pregnancy. It’s up to you to follow their example.

There is no law that prohibits a woman from reporting her pregnancy on time to her employer. But the honesty you show will surely come true. During pregnancy, women have exclusive rights and are protected by law from termination. During this period, night and overtime work, intense physical labor, long distance business trips are not against you. All these matters need to be discussed with the employer. It’s easy to find better solutions together and create a work schedule that’s right for you.

When is the best time to start looking for a obstetrician or contract a birth?

I advise you to find a obstetrician as soon as possible, then he or she will be with you from the beginning of your pregnancy and will help with many important issues. The deciding factors are your needs and expectations. Answer the following questions:

How reliable should I be in a relationship with a doctor?

• Do I want a doctor to guide me from the beginning, or can I get help from different specialists (if possible – from a team)?

• Can the obstetrician and obstetrician observe me repeatedly?

؟ How can I contact an obstetrician in case of an emergency?

how can i imagine my birth

• Do I want to be born in a clinic? Or maybe it’s better to have a baby at home?

• Do I want a maternity specialist to offer me a prenatal preparation course, or am I willing to go to school independently for expectant mothers?

Will he be able to provide me with postpartum care?


If you know exactly what you expect from an obstetrician, feel free to start your search. If the answers to some questions haven’t been found yet – no problem. After discussing all of these topics with your doctor, you will get expert advice.

During pregnancy, it is very important to make sure you are in safe hands. This is why when you choose a minor physician and clinic in which you sign a birth contract, you need to guide both objective information and your insights!

When does it make sense to attend a birth preparation course?

No rush! Calculate the time so that the course completes four weeks before the expected delivery date. But you need to gather up-to-date information about the different trainings. 

Birth courses and everything that comes after them requires courses, both physically and spiritually – to help you and your husband become good parents. First of all, these classes should be considered as a way to gain knowledge. If future parents are well informed, they have little doubt about the birth of the baby.

The courses will discuss topics that you might be a little scared of. But these disruptions are unfounded, but sufficient information will help to properly prepare for the upcoming event and reduce the risks. Courses include exercises that will teach you how to manage your breathing during childbirth (rather than focusing on pain), massage, etc., to relax a certain part of the body.

Now, during pregnancy, all your thoughts are occupied solely for childbirth, and nothing else seems more important. But we should not forget that after the birth, completely different things will come to light. And the sooner you prepare for childbirth, the better. Special attention is paid to the postpartum period: They will tell you how to properly nurse and care for a child, and how to be a good parent.

Should your partner attend courses with you? In my opinion, this is not necessary at all. But in this case, the decision is up to you.

Will my sports program change during pregnancy?

Listen to your body and practice your intuition. Anyone who lives a serious sports life before pregnancy, can continue his usual workout in the first trimester if desired – as long as he is fine.

However, in most cases, reducing the burden will not hurt. As the pregnancy progresses, the body needs at least some strenuous exercise. You Can’t Stop Training All Suddenly: Moving during pregnancy is very useful for both mom and baby. For example, walking can be changed by walking or gymnastics.

Also, you can only walk 3-5 times a week instead. Swimming is the ideal sport for pregnant women: In the water a person experiences something like an uncontrollable state of weight, and his waist and joints are lifted. 

When can I leave my child with a nanny or grandmother?

There are no rules to it: when this moment comes, every mother has to make her own decisions. Do you want to spend time with yourself or have dinner with your husband? With a calm conscience, look for a loving nanny – because a good mood is important not only for you, but also for your baby. If you can’t even imagine leaving a child with a stranger, ask family members to sit down with them – grandparents, for example.

If you decide to find a nanny, do it calmly, without haste – it is very important to trust the person with whom your baby will be left. Allow enough time for the dating process, see how the child reacts to the new person. By leaving it in good hands, you can spend your free time and more happiness. However, enthusiasm is inevitable at first. This is completely normal. By ensuring that everything is in order, you will relax and enjoy your entertainment more.


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