Pregnancy – 100 tips for expectant mothers

Pregnancy – 100 tips for expectant mothers

Ever since you know you are pregnant, you will want to know more, and that is why we offer you 100 tips for pregnant women.

100 Maternity Tips For Women

  1. Take the pregnancy test in your memory  , where there are two precious stripes.
  2. Check with your gynecologist to find out what to do during pregnancy.
  3. Change your taste habits. Proper nutrition during pregnancy is   the key to the health of newborn babies.
  4. Do not give up the game. This will help you stay fit throughout pregnancy and reduce the risk of miscarriage. Pregnant women will help yoga for pregnant women.
  5. Engage in self-education.
  6. Love vegetables during pregnancy.
  7. Smoking during pregnancy negatively affects fetal development. Stop smoking
  8.  Take maternal vitamins  .
  9.  400 mcg folic acid daily  during pregnancy  to prevent nerve tube defects in infants.
  10. Take vitamin D daily during pregnancy.
  11. Relaxing during pregnancy benefits not only the mother, but the baby as well.
  12. Eat bananas before bedtime and night pain will no longer bother you. Potassium in this fruit will help relieve the pain.
  13. Take care of dental health during pregnancy. Make sure your gums are in order, there is no bleeding or swelling. See your dentist.
  14. Follow the condition of the skin, moisturize it, use sunscreen.
  15. Relax and enjoy your condition.
  16. Buy maternity clothes.
  17. Do yoga Yoga for pregnant women helps a woman relax, hear her body better, and make her baby feel special.
  18. Talk to your child.
  19. Read books about pregnancy and childbirth.
  20. Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy.
  21. Take a walk in the fresh air more often.
  22. After the first trimester of pregnancy, share the good news with your friends.
  23. Focus on positive emotions while bearing the fetus.
  24. Listen to your doctor and follow all their gynecologic recommendations during pregnancy.  Almaty gynecologist on  this  link
  25. Don’t overdo it
  26. During pregnancy, having sex is important in such a way so that there is no pressure on the abdomen.
  27. Buy maternity bras.
  28. Make a list of your favorite names, hold on to some options. When you see Bachlook, name it as appropriate. We’ve created a special service for you, where you  can choose a name for a   boy or a girl  .
  29. Keep an eye on your weight during pregnancy. It is commonly considered to increase weight in the range of 10-12 kg during pregnancy. 
  30. Listen to classical music during pregnancy. Learn, baby likes it.
  31. Don’t forget about hair removal. During pregnancy, hair growth is accelerated by hormones. Shave, be beautiful to your husband.
  32. Take care of yourself. There is no reason to rest.
  33. Hair loss during pregnancy is possible and necessary. Hairstyles should  also  be attractive and do not lose the attention, during pregnancy.
  34. You can dye your hair during pregnancy.
  35. Take a shower instead. This   will help  to fight stretch marks during pregnancy .
  36. Buy pillows for pregnant women. This will help to distribute body weight in such a way as to sleep comfortably.
  37. Wear a maternity belt to reduce waist pressure and support abdominal muscles.
  38. Do not take medicines during pregnancy without consultation with a dermatologist.
  39. Plan a third quarter photo shoot.
  40.  Decide on the pram  . This is a wonderful job.
  41. Meet your friends Stay in a good mood during pregnancy.
  42. Don’t be mad at your partner. Future fathers are not easy either.
  43. Always be positive. When you worry for some reason or another, repeat with a mantra: “My baby is healthy.”
  44. If you have  a fever during pregnancy,  consult your doctor before taking paracetamol.
  45. To avoid insomnia during pregnancy, walk high in fresh air.
  46. Think about who will be with you at birth.
  47. Meet a gynecologist who will supply your baby.
  48. Visit the clinic where you will be born. Take a look around.
  49. During pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, do not miss your trip to the antenatal clinic.
  50. Take  all  tests for pregnant women on time, pass the oncologist recommended  timely.
  51. Avoid fat before taking regular blood tests during pregnancy. Watch good, good movies.
  52. Read books.
  53. Sign up for Pregnant Courses There you will learn the basics of childcare.
  54. Pool parties have a beneficial effect on the well-being of the future mother and child.
  55. Have a pregnancy diary. Then there will be something to remember.
  56. Do not get pets during pregnancy.
  57. If there is no swelling during pregnancy, drink plenty of water.
  58. Wear comfortable underwear,  buy  it at the  maternity store .
  59. Start planning where the bed will be and make room for the baby.
  60. If the vaginal discharge appears during your pregnancy, be careful with yourself, call your doctor.
  61. Write your affairs in the diary, sometimes the memory will let you down.
  62. Don’t worry about your appearance. Hormone changes occur during pregnancy. After the baby is born, everything will return to its place.
  63. Put your high-heeled shoes in the closet, and prefer low-cut shoes.
  64. Prepare your child’s dowry. Buying small things will make you feel good all day long.
  65. If you intend to repair the room where the baby is, improve it well ahead of time so that the aroma of the repair equipment is gone.
  66. Don’t spend too much time on the computer.
  67. Eat milk and dairy products daily. During pregnancy you need calcium.
  68. If you experience drowsiness during pregnancy, sleep.
  69. Exercise Kajal Exercise – It helps to strengthen the muscles of the perineum and to speed up recovery after childbirth.
  70. Don’t sleep on your back. Can be a sign of being sick during pregnancy.
  71. Have a baby picture in your womb for mercy.
  72.  Make a  3D  pregnancy ultrasound  and burn your baby off the disc.
  73. Meet your girlfriends who have a hedgehog. See how they handle it.
  74. Ask your gynecologist all your questions, not Google.
  75. Train for proper breathing during pregnancy.
  76. Drink freshly squeezed juices.
  77. Eat in small portions 5-6 times a day.
  78. be patient. Don’t rush into things.
  79. If you are worried, talk to your mom, she will calm you down.
  80. Chat with pregnant girlfriends. You will have many common topics.
  81. Your mood won’t change much after the birth. Remember this.
  82. See beautiful people. Imagine what your baby would be like.
  83. Ask your husband if he wants to cut the cord.
  84. Enjoy pregnancy. This is a great time. Time to unite you and your child.
  85. Prepare things for the hospital. Tell your partner where they are.
  86. Don’t overdo it
  87. Prepare your breasts to feed. Rub nipples with a wash cloth, clean the oak with a bark texture.
  88. In the final stages of pregnancy, do not eat chocolate, sour fruits and exotic fruits, so as not to cause allergies in the baby.
  89. Submit documents for maternity and child care benefits for children under the age of three.
  90. Improve yourself That the birth will be okay.
  91. Buy Nursing Bras
  92. Take care of your health. Do not visit crowded areas if you are worried about getting cold during pregnancy. But still it is known that the  temperature during pregnancy  can be reduced  to  .
  93. Do not drink enough during pregnancy. If you really want to, get enough decaffeinated coffee.
  94. Avoid information about difficult births with some of your friends. You will be fine.
  95. Refuse strong black tea. We recommend drinking only green.
  96. Make sure your laundry is unoccupied. Your chest is very sensitive and does not require any extra pressure.
  97. If you are concerned about birth, consult a psychiatrist.  Read the full facts about  pain during childbirth .
  98. Heavy traffic.
  99. Take care of your health.
  100. Have you read the advice to expectant mothers? Now you know what to do during pregnancy and are ready to give birth to a healthy, strong baby.


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