Complete knowlaedge for newborn Baby Nursing

Complete knowlaedge for newborn Baby Nursing

Newborns have an inadequate immune system. How to take proper care of adulthood, nursing, and other aspects? Let’s take a look at some of Dr. Qi Yotau’s books and various lectures on the important points about newborn care.

Matters need attention

1. Any medication for newborn babies should be prescribed by a doctor. Many medicines for adults can cause disability and even death in newborns.

the. Turn on the lights and fall asleep at night to reduce the baby’s immune response. Light is bright and relatively noisy during the day, dark at night and relatively quiet. Do not make curtains and lunches during the day bright Keep the night light bright.

The. The baby should not move for 10 months. It can damage the brain and cause cerebral hemorrhage and minor irritation.

4 In particular, do not bind to any part of the baby after birth. As your baby grows, a pair of calves naturally straightens.

new. Avoid covering your face at all times to prevent newborn babies from suffocating.

Recommended methods for AAP breast milk

Note: AAP is an acronym for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

1. Breastfeeding 8-12 per day

Empty at least one breast after breastfeeding

When. When your baby is feeding, you can hear the sound of the locks sucking and swallowing.

life. In the first two days of life, the baby urinates at least 1-2 times

If. If pink urine is urine, disappear on the third day after birth

6. From the third day after birth, the urine frequency should be 6-8 times / 24 hours

7. There are at least 3-4 intestinal motions every 24 hours

8. More than one tablespoon per stool

9. After the third day, soft yellow stools can be removed 4 times (more money) 10 times (less amount).


The newborn baby should suck on his mother’s breasts as soon as he is born, and the sooner they suck, the sooner they suck, and they will be ready for breastfeeding. Are better. During this time, do not water your baby. However, changes in body weight should be monitored.

For babies a few days after birth, as long as they can eat at least 8 times a day; you can hear swallowing during each feeding. You can see the baby urine every day; No urine; yellow-green stool birth Weight loss after birth does not reach 7% of birth weight, indicating that breastfeeding is sufficient, and should insist on breastfeeding. If formula powder is to be added, it should be added after breastfeeding.

When feeding the baby, feeding is not demanding (hunger is essential) feedsWhen a healthy baby sleeps, don’t worry about problems like hypoglycemia. In particular, the baby should gradually develop a long night’s sleep.

Newborn babies need regular feeding Feeding begins to feed approximately 2-3 hours- 2-3 hours after about 2-3 weeks. Feeding intervals will be shorter during baby awake; during sleep, it will be longer. It is advisable to eat 7 times a day.

Mentioned that the baby should get breast milk in the mouth already, many parents complain that this is not possible, because the baby is born, the mother has not received milk, what should I do if the baby is hungry? The energy stored in a normal baby’s body after birth. It will last for days.

Newborn babies cry more to promote the absorption of fluids from the lungs because the fetus has liquid in their lungs. Crying after birth is not necessarily due to hunger, but because fluid is not removed in the lungs, and you need to “cry” to increase breathing. Birth Weight Loss 7 بعد After the birth weight is higher, the additional formula is required.

The baby should suck the breast of the mother as soon as possible after birth, it may stimulate the breast to produce milk as soon as possible, and to get the bacteria in the nipple, the skin around the nipple and the milk tract. The breast can also suck, and promotes the formation of a baby’s intestinal flora. Most mothers do not produce milk immediately after giving birth, but in normal newborns, brown fat can provide energy to the baby within 72 hours of birth.

Premature feeding of formula not only causes allergic sensitivities but also relieves newborn babies from crying during breastfeeding, which affects the absorption of fluids in the lungs (because The lungs are filled with fluid before birth), which causes newborn pneumonia (too much fluid in the lungs, combined with open airway organs) when bacteria enter the lungs and are attached to too much fluid in the lungs. , Which causes spread and infection).

Due to the unhealthy immune system of newborns, premature supplementation of formula, pre-use of antibiotics, and home-grown or near-herbal diseases will significantly reduce infectious diseases. The incidence of the disease has increased significantly.

After birth, the bacteria and mold in the newborn environment gradually enter the baby’s body with steps such as feeding and touch. The majority of children do not promote mold infection. If the mother wipes her nipples with a sanitary towel before breastfeeding or feeding, the formula will enter very few bacteria, the mold will increase manifold, and the thirst will appear. Since the natural enemy of mold is bacteria, take probiotics using nystatin.

Allergic babies face every day in the hospital, and almost every day I encounter babies whose first milk is milk powder, which is annoying. Why give formula milk right after birth? You should insist on exclusive breastfeeding unless your baby’s weight loss is less than 7% of your birth weight! Otherwise, feeding formula prematurely will cause milk allergies in children, and will significantly increase the chances of nasal inflammation and asthma in the future.

The baby should lie down at bedtime, right after breastfeeding, and after half an hour. Sleeping on the sides is a safe place for your baby in captivity!

Because milk products are easily digested and absorbed, breastfeeding babies have thinner and more frequent ones. This phenomenon is not diarrhea and is normal. There is no such thing as “physical diarrhea.”

How to eat the most “clean”? After the birth of a baby, when the mother is breastfeeding, the first contact is aerobic bacteria, which need oxygen to survive on the mother’s nipples; then anaerobic bacteria that survive without oxygen in the breast duct. ۔ General Chat Chat Lounge

Physical breastfeeding is the process of feeding a bacteria in which the bacteria are first fed and then breast milk. The bacterial process of breastfeeding is in stark contrast to the cleaning of homes today.


Whether in books, online, or experience, there are recommended quantities for children to eat, but this does not mean that the “quantitative method” must be followed. Every child has his or her acceptance. By measuring whether the amount of food is appropriate at all times or not active after eating; comfort level; more importantly, the results of growth. Unless there is discomfort and normal development after eating unhealthy meals, this amount of baby is acceptable.

As long as each feeding can be separated naturally for about 2 hours, it means that the baby can fill up. Initial demonstrations of newborn appetite include movements, slowly restlessness, and then crying. If you cry suddenly, it may be related to the stomach and urine.

Do infants know that they are full? Many parents worry that their children will not eat enough food, but will eat a little more and are afraid to collect food. As newborns, children know “satisfaction” and “hunger.” Sometimes vomiting or vomiting after eating is a common occurrence during development. If this happens often, it is gastro-phosphor reflux, you should consult a doctor. It is not advisable to restrict your intake to prevent only milk emissions or occasional vomiting. Whenever you feed, keep your baby healthy.

From newborns, babies can be “hungry” and “hungry.” When parents observe their children’s behavior, when they find that their children’s mobility is increased and concentration is reduced, it means that their children are hungry. When a baby refuses to eat, the baby is considered full. It is very beneficial for children to eat well, to experience maximum “hunger” and “satisfaction.”


Newborn slapping is a problem for newborn parents. If parents have no experience in raising their children, I offer you a small recommendation. The adult is lying on the sun with his body at an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground. After feeding the baby lies on the adult, his head rests on the shoulders to prevent asthma. Adults can cling to or touch a baby’s waist, and even if they don’t touch it, the baby will snore a few minutes.

Newborn parents are usually inexperienced, and newborn babies are very soft. It is more difficult to protect your baby when shooting. Adults should hold one butt and waist, and one hand should be held against the neck to prevent the head from tumbling.

After feeding the baby, he or she will place the meeting flat, and then slowly stand up, so that the baby’s head can rest on the adult’s shoulder, and he or she usually nods for a while. If it does not hurt, make a hollow shape with your hands and gently tap your back. Or let the baby lie down for a while. It requires frequent practice to master the trick. If it is not filmed, the baby may spread the milk.

Weaned milk

Babies have a tendency to spread milk, mostly because the lower part of the body’s esophagus and gastric cardia is relatively loose, and reflux occurs when abdominal pressure is increased. Most people do not need special treatment and gradually subside within a few months.

However, during lactation, the bed level can be changed to a 15-30 degree slope. Choosing the right one can effectively reduce the spread of milk. Note: This pillow is not high, but the whole body, at least the upper body is on the slope so that it does not have any adverse effect on the spine.

to shower

Should young children, especially newborns, be bathed every day? This is not a theoretical issue. It has to do with parental experience, internal temperature, and other factors. However, parents need to be reminded that the baby’s skin is fragile,  and does not take frequent baths.

Do not listen to this view:  Use a bath liquid every day and apply baby oil after bath. Your child’s skin oil is best for her skin. Bath in warm water and use the bath once every 1-2 weeks!

It is not difficult to bathe your baby every day, but you should also take care of local PP cleaning, which includes small PP and below the neck, especially small PP, especially girls. After each draw, punchy. baby girl with wet paper towels at the bottom need to be careful that they do not stick out, and then PP after day. deny water, while the use of gauze without Do a fourth. Frost, keep PP dry PPP  will not be redBe careful not to rub the skin with gauze, it should be rubbed, the baby’s skin is thin, and should always be rubbed tight. The baby will avoid red, avoiding the abdomen while bathing. Buttons are tight there, be careful not to touch the itching.

Caring for the umbilical cord

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord breaks down, and the stump quickly dries up like a mushroom, covering the root of the umbilical cord, which removes some of the moisture, leading to local infection and yellow blood cells. ۔ Clean the newborn baby’s umbilical stump daily, not just the surface, but the root of the umbilical cord. Because the stump of the umbilical cord has lost its nerve control, there is no difficulty in cleaning. The placenta usually arrives in about two weeks. After the fall, keep cleaning for a few more days.

Nursing Method: After bathing, throw water around the umbilical cord. Use 75% alcohol to treat the umbilical cord. Cover the diaper on the groove. Change diapers frequently to prevent drainage from contaminating the drain. If the wound does not heal after a fall, bleeding or discharge of the pus should be sent to the hospital for immediate treatment.


Many breastfeeding babies, newborn jaundice can last for 3-4 months. As long as the baby has a jaundice level of less than 290 mmol / L (17 mg / dL) within a week of birth, mild treatment is not required.

An indication of whether a baby’s jaundice level needs to be brightened within a week is related to the number of days after birth. Do not stop breastfeeding easily, accept formulas that do not want to be accepted, and take medicine to ease the yellowing due to unhealthy jaundice.

The newborn jaundice index is no higher than 14, there is no risk, especially for breastfeeding babies, jaundice may continue for 2-3 months, breastfeeding may continue, breast milk or special No need to suspend treatment, and it does not affect vaccination. This condition is called breast milk jaundice and may be related to the lack of enzymes in breast milk, but it will not have any adverse effect on the baby.

Phototherapy is considered only if the jaundice index exceeds 17. Phototherapy is essential for newborn jaundice. Light therapy is available at the hospital but it is necessary to enter the hospital. For those who are not serious, the hospital can rent a phototherapy blanket to parents, and then family phototherapy. This may reduce the cost of hospitalization, light treatment, and breastfeeding at home.

Prematurely or deliberately adding formula powder seems to ensure feeding volume, increase emission volume, and “treat” jaundice. Can you consider possible allergies in the future? !! Don’t think that newborn babies who have jaundice should stop breastfeeding and replace them with formula powder. Let them know that formula powder can prevent jaundice and facilitate weight gain in early childhood.

The main causes of newborn jaundice are increased red blood cell destruction after birth (due to red blood cell surface levels during embryonic life), non-liver efficacy, and slow intestinal excretion. Lightweight and enhanced food is useful. Phototherapy is a very safe way. Bilirubin can be expelled from the body quickly by consuming more milk and lactation.

Normal food, including breast milk, contains very little glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar, not an important sugar in natural foods. After oral administration, it can be absorbed without digestion in the intestines, and it can speed up the secretion of insulin by preventing blood sugar from growing.

Unless there is hypoglycemia, there is no reason to take glucose orally. Glucose is a drug, and cannot be given orally to a child, skip a sweet meal. Glucose is a carbohydrate that makes it impossible to remove newborn jaundice. Glucose is used as a medicine and when taken orally, the indicator should be used according to hypoglycemia.

Calcium supplement

Calcium deficiency in children often has no obvious clinical signs and symptoms. A small number of children may have non-specific symptoms such as growth pain, joint pain, palpitations, and insomnia. Severe calcium deficiency leads to bone mineral disorders and clinical manifestations of the racquet. In the newborn period, hypocalcemia may be due to temporary hyperthyroidism and calcium deficiency, resulting in increased neurological excretion, palpitations of the hands, laryngospasm, and even systemic convulsions.

Vitamin D for pure breast milk

Vitamin D is of major importance in promoting bone development. Ordinary children need 400 international units per day. Mother’s milk is low in vitamin D, so daily 400 IU  recommended itThe formula powder should be properly fed according to the situation. Generally, 600-700 ml formula powder can be eaten without any additives. This is not done by age. If rackets are suspected, vitamin D levels may be detected in the blood following the appropriate intervention.

Acne and quickness

The acne that appears on the newborn’s face is related to the warmth and healing of the hormone after birth. After breastfeeding especially with soft tissue paper, it is recommended to keep the baby’s face dry.

Also, the right use of body lotion can be helpful. However, heat must be avoided. Children want to wear fewer hats than adults. Proper care, and then wait for a few weeks,  should be the red rash newborn erythema on the skin of the newbornIt is divided into colds or extremities without itching and is associated with dry air and burning sensation.

The baby gets soaked in amniotic fluid before birth and stays in the air after birth, and the skin is irritated by dryness. The fetus is covered with a layer of fetal fat, which can protect the skin, and it is not necessary to remove it from the bath immediately after birth. Newborn erythema disappears for more than 3-7 days without medication.

Children’s skin is very fragile and prone to itching. The main cause of the rash is related to excessive heat and airtightness. When breastfeeding, the baby’s face is closer to the mother’s breast, and there is a risk of heat irritation after feeding. Wiping your baby’s face with a soft paper towel or towel after feeding can reduce the appearance of itching.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, has a rough surface and inclination, as well as emissions and emissions. Mainly due to allergies. Most infant eczema in children allergic to food because of it, especially milk protein allergy. Topical drug use can only temporarily relieve eczema’s skin and is not a key factor in treating eczema. Removing allergies is key. However, friends must be aware that not all children have early eczema.

The best way to treat acute diaper rash is to bake the lamp and keep the place dry. After every movement of the intestine, rinse the hips with clean water, try not to rinse them with paper towels or soft cloths, and then continue to incubate the light.

Lamps to watch when:

1. Parents try to test the skin of their baby’s hips with their hands and do not overheat the local temperature.

2. Do not apply the oil liquid locally, to avoid burning due to the heat of the oil;

3. Apply ointment for diaper rash when baking lamps are stopped.

Children under 1 year of age, including newborns, have relatively short necks, and neck skin is particularly prone to irritation, ulcers, peeling, local ectopic disease, and even infection. Topical applications of gardenia powder, body lotion, and an antibiotic ointment will have some effects, but they are not ideal.  A very quick and effective way is to protect the neck from drynessFor example: encourage children to wake up when awake, blow neck skin with a weak hot air blower, and place dry soft gauze over the neck clip.

Body temperature

For newborns, it is normal for the body temperature not to exceed 37.5 degrees. Due to the unfamiliar functions of newborns, including the brain, their ability to control body temperature is limited. If they are slightly wrapped, the body temperature rises, sometimes reaching 38 degrees. Goes It is recommended not to cross the newborn.

Intestinal pain

Intestinal colic is common in children from 3 weeks to 4-6 months. Due to poor gastrointestinal development, formula feeding infants are more common. Intestinal flatulence, easy crying, disturbed sleep, easy snoring / spitting milk, defecation is difficult but the stool is not dry, sore throat / Latina but not spine, exhausted but normal growth. Not related to fear, calcium deficiency, etc.

Effective treatment: Parents should not panic the need bac lie on their backs should have taken smthykun s as verbal.

Infants within 6 months unknown For unknown reasons, especially when crying regularly. Intestinal colic should be considered first. During this time, usually by eating, crying often causes parents to mistakenly believe that feeding from frequent hunger, normal growth, often leads to overweight. This trend is a problem of development, Smithsonian and probiotics have a significant relief effect, “wait” is necessary.

If your child’s intestinal pain is considered insufficient and is caused by excessive drinking, you may find that your baby’s baby may cry while lying down, massaging in the abdomen or by oral smut. Can reduce General Chat Chat Lounge

Also, encouraging children to lie in the abdomen can reduce the likelihood of abdominal pain and reduce the degree of abdominal pain, and increase the amount of exercise the baby has throughout the body. It can also help connect muscles and boost brain development. Under the supervision of an adult, even children under 3 months can sleep on their stomachs.

Frequent feeding during the day can be related to intestinal pain. Parents can properly place their babies on their stomachs, which will not only help the baby to survive but will also help relieve stomach pain. Frequent feeding can lead to thin stools and excessive foam. It should be free from indigestion and intolerance.

For children under 4-6 months of age for newborns, including newborns, sleep disturbances, crying, and recurring “appetite”. Should be considered. Intestinal pain should be understood. This is due to poor gastrointestinal development, and milk intolerance is also one of the main reasons. Lying on your back can relieve abdominal pain, and semitone and probiotics can partially relieve back pain. For infants fed formula-fed, switching to a partially hydrolyzed formula will yield better results.


As long as growth is normal, there is no need to pay attention to the frequency and characteristics of defecation. If growth is slow, even if intestinal motility is normal, the cause has to be explored and adjust over time. Focus on the results instead of the process.

The gastrointestinal development of newborns is still immature, and easy to eat and pull, and the stool is thin. There are indigestible particles, commonly known as “milk flaps”.

If there is a problem, you should consider:

1. Even if there is blood in the stool.

2, the baby’s weight gain is blocked or the weight gains.

If you do not have this problem, do not worry and you do not need to rely on medicines. If you have this problem, your doctor will help to eliminate allergy and lactose intolerance. 

Some babies, even if they are breastfeeding,   may take several days of defecation, but the stool is not dry. This condition is not constipation but “abdominal pain”. As long as the interval between bowel movements does not affect eating, growth is normal, and there is no further discomfort, parents should not panic.

Not every baby will have bowel movements once a day, but there are additional nutrients, especially after putting in vegetables (rich in cellulose), bowel movements will occur regularly, often once a day. In the early days of “belly belly”, parents were nervous. The baby’s stomach can be massaged clockwise, and even an oily cotton swab can be used to sharpen the anus. After confirming that the stool is not dry, all you need to do is wait for the baby to lie down according to its own rules. It can be defecated once every few days. Dry stools require probiotics + cellulose. 

Since the digestive tract of the baby is not yet mature, small white granular substances in this stool often appear during lactation, commonly known as lactation. This is an incomplete expression of the digestion of milk, but it should not cause parents any trouble. As long as newborns usually eat, weight can be 20-30 grams or more per day, sleep is normal, and there are no abnormal effects, no extra work needed to improve stool qualities. Is. The baby’s intestines will slowly mature.

Do babies, especially breastfeeding children, have diarrhea with lukewarm water several times a day? Is it Intrastates?

First, routine stool tests should be performed to determine the number of white blood cells in a high-powered fieldOnly white blood cells </hp> can have 15-20 bacterial infections, and antibiotics should be considered. Otherwise, do not take antibiotics easily, especially for children.

As long as your baby is growing normally, don’t worry about intestinal motions and the number of nerves. How to understand a child’s poor digestion? For a few months infants, especially those who are weaned, have thin stools and frequent defecation. This is due to the presence of oligosaccharides (soluble cellulose) in breast milk. Oligosaccharides are non-digestible cellulose, which promotes the formation of intestinal flora consisting mainly of bifidobacteria in the intestine, which is beneficial to the immune system of breastfeeding newborns. As long as the baby is growing normally, do not worry about the frequency and characteristics of the baby’s stool.

First constipation definition set outthe phenomenon of defecation, dry stools and difficulty. In cases where the bowel movement is prolonged and the stool is normal, it cannot be called constipation. Alsodrinking more water can only lead to more urine, and not solve the problem of constipation. Plus pear water is an incredible way to drink. If you have constipation, you should consult your doctor to eliminate intestinal obstruction problems, and then adjust your diet. You can take a lactulose oral solution.

How many times should a child take more than one teaspoon (less than a teaspoon) and less than one teaspoon (way)? Intestinal pain is a gastrointestinal development problem that often results in 2-3 births. Happens after 6–6 months to weeks. Due to poor gastrointestinal development, a series of manifestations of abdominal pain and abdominal pain, including eating, crying, sleeping, defecation, etc., but normal development. That way, there is no need to panic and be patient.

Keep warm

Because infants and toddlers have high heat consumption on their heads, and because their children have a weak heart, blood flow to the hands and feet is low.

1. Head insulation. Newborn babies are wearing hats.

2. Allow children to have cool hands and feet.

As long as the neck is warm, it shows that room temperature and cover are appropriate. If you want to keep your baby warm, wearing a hat is more important than wearing socks.

Use of shower gel

Newborns can use skin creams and baths. However, the reasons for using them should be obvious before use. Body lotion should be used for dry skin, especially for dead skinIt is best to use the skin after the bath to be lightly moist.

For smooth skin, it is not necessary to use it. The bath helps remove scaling, adhesive, etc. from the skin. This is not necessary for infants only once a week.


Newborns can lie on their stomachs. You can lie on your stomach until you are weaned. It is not recommended that infants sleep on their stomachs within 3 months. After 3 months, at his will, no correction is needed when sleeping on his stomach. With more chances to lie down, the baby will try to lift his head. This is good training for the back muscles and a good basis for turning, sitting, standing and walking in the future.

Children also need exercise

Do parents ask why children will not give up after 4 months? I also asked why 8-month-old babies are not ringing themselves? As a result, ask parents if they can see for themselves for a month while they are back? Will I leave my breasts to bed when I search for two months? The answer was that he was afraid of being tired and cruel to his heart, and would not let the baby lie down. Motor development is gradual, and newborn babies are less likely to lie on the stomach at an early stage, and their motor development will be postponed in the future.

Baby Drop Guard

After you fall to the bed, wait for the baby to calm down, observe whether there is a movement impairment, and observe whether the baby’s reaction to the outside world is normal. If you have unusual irritability, drowsiness, or abnormal behavior, take your child to the hospital for examination. If you have a clear mind and normal behavior, and you still have no unusual behavior after 24 hours, don’t worry. Parents note that children who have just finished work in months-to-months are more likely to fall to the bed.


Frequent urination for the baby is not a good habit, and for bladder maturityThat’s not good,  saving some diapers shouldn’t be at the expense of the baby’s health. Today I saw a 3 and a half-month-old baby. Regular bowel movement and control of defecation 4 times a day (formula feeding), the purpose is to protect the skin of the hip from itching and stools, preventing fire and constipation. Raft-Anvil Fisher

Don’t raise your ear

Earwax is also known as “airway” and its scientific name is “۔”. It is naturally used to protect the ear canal and will eventually expire on its own. Mothers do not need to use a cotton swab to help the baby and other things for the baby’s ear. I do not put It can easily be punctured in the ears. If you need to clean your baby’s ears, use only cotton oil or peroxide flags, or gauze with warm water, and clean your baby’s outer ears.

Breast milk nutrition (premature delivery)

Breast milk nutrients are suitable for premature babies who have a birth weight of ≦ 1500 g and/or حمل 32 weeks of pregnancy. After tolerating 100 (ml/kg/day) milk, it is mixed with breast milk for premature babies. The nutritional balance of breast milk is not balanced and premature babies cannot be fed alone. Recommended for use in newborn care rooms only. Parents’ job is to pump breast milk regularly, store it properly, and send it to the hospital regularly.

Blood in the stool

When encountering suspected blood clots or blood spots in the stool, the first baby should be refused anus. Children with anal fissures often experience pain during lactation and often cry significantly. Stool samples should also be removed and sent to the hospital for testing. If red blood cells are found in the test, if there is a large number of red blood cells at the same time, it indicates intestinal infection. If the effect of red blood cells is prevalent, it means It is that the intestine is damaged, and it should be related to food and any oral dietary supplement.

The relationship between defective blood, stools, and blood should be noted. If the stool is colored, abdominal bleeding should be considered, which is rare in newborns and young children; if blood is mixed evenly in the stool, intestinal bleeding may be considered, Food allergies, which may be related to food allergies, should be considered an anal fissure, especially after defecation. The diagnosis of the anal abscess is easy. Slowly remove the anus, you can see the small radial cracks.


One day in the Children’s Emergency Department, I mainly see children who are seen with fever. The average time to fever was no longer than 24 hours, the shortest was only 2 hours, and most of them had an only fever and no other symptom. The child is ill, the parents are anxious, but the fever has just started, and there are no other symptoms. In the hospital, it may not be possible to timely diagnose the cause of the fever. Blood can still have meaning after 24 hours of fever.

When a child develops a fever, parents need to do two things.

1. Antipyretic care: Drink plenty of liquid; Apply hot and humid baths anti Take antipyretic medicines with body temperature> 38.5 degrees (enough) take Encourage defecation and support it.

2. Observe the changes in fever and other related symptoms. Such as cough and diarrhea.

Before going to the doctor, parents should separate their child’s fever and other demonstrations as well as medication status and medication response, which helps diagnose the disease.


The particulars is caused by the contradictory strength of the muscles on either side of the neck, causing the head to bend or twist. For newborns, articles are a very common occurrence. As the fetus rotates in a small space, the neck is slowly twisted as it grows to harmonize with the body and adapt to the place in the uterus.

After birth, her head is oriented toward the lower part of the neck, inclined to the head. The angle between the midline of the body and the head that is formed is a sign of tartariculus.

Leg bend

O-type or X-type legs indicate the development of hip, knee and ankle joints, especially due to abnormal development of the knee joint (pictured), and their large and small bones It has nothing to do with shape. Severe hysteria can be complicated by O-type or X-type legs, but it can be related to premature passive jumping, passive standing, and passive walking before standing. Newborn toes can not prevent tied legs from O-type or X-type legs, prevent rickets and prevent premature ejaculation.

Milk powder

The newborn formula should be made strictly according to the packaging method. Capillaries of newborns and infants are very weak. Drinking excessive amounts of milk powder increases the pressure on the blood vessels wall, which can easily break the cerebral cysts, cause cerebral hemorrhage, and cause symptoms such as convulsions and coma. Intellectual development. At the same time, the sodium content in the blood is high, it will also affect the absorption of calcium, which will affect your baby’s physical development, short, tall and kidney.


All newborns should be screened for newborns after birth. If the screening fails, it should be reviewed. If you pass the screening, it does not mean that you will not have hearing problems in your life. Anything that damages the brain and auditory nerve throughout life can damage hearing. Of these, severe neonatal jaundice can damage hearing and should be reviewed. Hearing impairments are not all deaf, and you may not think your hearing is OK because your child responds to the sound.

Catch a cold

The nozzle is a viral infection. Combined with normal blood tests, white blood cells are normal, and lymphocytes are high, which can be confirmed as a viral infection. No need to take antibiotics such as “methamphetamine”. Antibiotics cannot “kill” viruses. The cold virus lasts 5-7 days in the body and is a self-limiting disease. Also, cough is a symptom and pneumonia is a disease. Cough When you have pneumonia, cough cough cannot develop into pneumonia. Antibiotics will not prevent pneumonia.


Some of them look great in terms of functions. Toys that are not very well crafted cannot be purchased and can be replaced by building blocks or jigsaw puzzles, such as permanently replacing toys. And can be purchased properly.

Whenever you play with toys, do not take too many toys for your child. Take one toy at a time, remove it when you are not playing. It  your child’s concentration to improve effectively can.

Compared to toys, the best toy is a book. A variety of picture books and baby illustrators for beginners are perfect for children up to 2 years old. In my opinion, Infinite Illustrated is not as good as Infinite Illustrated, and after a certain age, such as after 3 years of age, you can properly display your children’s books with fewer pictures and more words. Will increase your interest in reading.

Reading is also a good practice for parents’ children, which is much cheaper than elementary education classes. Early childhood education is the time for a family of three with more than one child to go out with a family and play children’s games with parents.

How much should I wear?

Most older people like to add clothes to their children as long as it gets cold. A month before the Northern Heating Period,  what you wear and what baby you wear, even if you are young and the temperature is not well controlled, such as wearing a boom, the physical condition of the elderly Do not use heat as a standard.

Because people have naturally poor firepower when they are older, but the baby is pure Yang Constitution, which is quite different from the elderly. If you already have a cold feeling after wearing two clothes at home, it is not recommended to add clothes, instead, adjust the room temperature and turn on the electric heater or air conditioner. Save electricity because it is not good for a baby to wear too much. Development.

If the baby turns four months, when it gets cold in December, wear the baby too much, the baby will not move at all, which will affect the baby’s major movement development, which is closely related to mental development. Is associated. At that time, the heat problem was not very good in the north. Biomass in the South should focus on heating the house, and wearing baby clothes is good.

In the winter, the benefits of a one-piece suit became obvious. An old-fashioned cotton jacket exposed the calf and the calf, but the one-piece suits in the store would not be a problem, and the baby was comfortable to walk.

Do not scold children and children strictly

Inadequate harassment or even crying for infants and children will cause fear and misogyny in their hearts.

Every child is different, their development and development are different, and their personalities are different. Parents are most afraid of comparisons. While the development and development of a child will usually be normal, the development of some children may not be disturbed a little later than other children.

Since your anxiety is contagious to children, we need to focus our education on the good mentality of children and good living habits. Children have their own pace of development. All we have to do is follow the child’s development and give proper guidance. And quality

I don’t ask the child too hard. My big treasure is because I started to get too hard, which is why he was timid. If this is serious, it will cause the child a bad habit behind the scenes. Way, and then collaborate with something like punishment.


Not every baby’s teeth are processed. The time of initiation of the tooth is different; the order of the tooth is different and the reaction due to the tooth is different. At the age of 3, most children want to have 20 teeth. , And during the embryonic period, the germ of the teeth begins to develop.


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