Breastfeeding is even better for babies!

Breastfeeding is even better for babies!

Breastfeeding is about making a good relationship with the baby. Breastfeeding is very good for the mother. However, it is not possible for women employees to stay at home all day and breastfeed children. In newborns, mothers are forced to abandon the baby and go back to work for a period of two months. In such cases, you can take the milk from your breast milk to the children even when you are not at home.

1. Strain milk during the first week of the baby’s birth. The hands can be squeezed. Or with the help of a pump. Put this milk in airtight containers and give it to the baby while you are at home. Set dates on milk storage bins. Breastfeeding lasts 4 to 8 hours in the room temperature, 3 days in the refrigerator and 3 months in the deep freezer.

2. Tell your coworkers that you are giving them milk powder without interrupting it.

3. Ensure that the milking site is clean and flexible after going to work. This milking work while outdoors is done at the appointed time to ensure that the milk is high. Squeeze your breasts only in good quality cans.

4. Notice how often you drink your milk while you are at home. If she is milked every two hours, watch your breast milk every two hours, wherever you are.

5. Above all, choose someone who is faithful to serve the sins you have in store for your household from time to time.

6. It is advisable to milk the baby once before you go to work. Only after two hours of the trip to the office, you have the flexibility.

7. When the baby is six months old, breastfeeding should be provided with additional food. Plan for a nutritious meal for your child. Apart from breastfeeding in this way, you can also practice other essential aspects of the baby while you are at home, providing loving care with full attention and developing a good relationship with the baby.


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